50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time

The best LPs from the age of Aqua Net

Lord Tracy, 'Deaf Gods Of Babylon' (1989)

50. Lord Tracy, 'Deaf Gods Of Babylon' (1989)

From Tennessee among other locations, and fronted by a fellow named Terry Blaze who'd previously fronted Pantera when they were still a glam band, Lord Tracy were as refreshingly idiosyncratic as sleaze-metallers named after a porn star go. Their best non-jokey tracks are probably early Cheap Trick ringer "Whatchadoin'," catchier-than-Crüe cruiser "Rats Motel," metalbilly hoedown "King of the Nighttime Cowboy" and "Submission," which sounds like a heavier version of Boston fake-new-wavers the Fools. Best joke track is "Piranha," a sort of super-fast metal version of Descendents-type hardcore, "about a fish." Most offensive is frat-party rap "3 H.C." whose fake African jungle chants are a politically incorrect minstrel show. The guitarist steals some tasty Eddie Van Halen tricks here and there. And the four shortest songs, if you can call them that, check in at 0:22, 0:35, 1:26, and 1:27. C.E.