50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time

The best LPs from the age of Aqua Net

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D-A-D, 'No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims' (1989)

42. D-A-D, 'No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims' (1989)

Disneyland After Dark, as they were called before Walt put his foot down, came from Denmark and hence carried on Hanoi Rocks' great continental sleaze-glam tradition. But they sounded more Australian — not so much in the sense of AC/DC's riffs, which plenty of bands steal, but thanks to Jesper Binzer's Bon Scott-like vocals, a much rarer trick. They were Bon-worthily philosophical and funny, too — they start with their best-known song, "Sleeping My Day Away," which doesn't sound as lazy as its words and may well have inspired Slaughter's "Up All Night" (which also involved sleeping all day). Next comes "Jihad," which for some reason concerns gasoline bombs in Vietnam and provides the album title. "Rim Of Hell" says there are really smelly parties down there but it's "too hot for the D.J." And "ZCMI," whatever that means, is fast enough to almost excuse the unfortunate Andrew "Dice" Clay routine "Siamese Twin." C.E.

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