50 Essential Albums of 1967

From the Doors' debut to Aretha Franklin's first smash

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Howard Tate, 'Get It While You Can'
Howard Tate, 'Get It While You Can' Album Cover45/50

Howard Tate, 'Get It While You Can'

Macon-born and Philadelphia-raised, Howard Tate never went Top 10 even on the soul charts but is remembered along with James Carr as the great lost soul man. "Ain't Nobody Home" became a B.B. King perennial, "Look at Granny Run Run" was the best thing to happen to senior sex till Levitra, and "Get It While You Can" was taken up as a showstopper by none other than Janis Joplin. The album didn't chart at all. But Tate had a supernal falsetto shriek to complement his rough howl, and writer-producer Jerry Ragovoy knew how to milk them both – among other things, by adding two blues standards to his own sharp songs, which even for a guy who retired on "Piece of My Heart" got pretty peaky here.

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