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Miranda Lambert, 'Revolution' (2009)

10. Miranda Lambert, 'Revolution' (2009)

Baroness, Converge, SunnO))). . .nobody in 2009 came up with anything half as heavy as Miranda Lambert's delightfully vicious, genuinely deranged cover of John Prine's "That's the Way That the World Goes 'Round," which joins the swaggering, hard-swinging, hilarious "Only Prettier" in bookending her supernova third record. Revolution reins in her coarser shotgun-shells-and-arson inclinations, but only barely; there's plenty here that punches harder than either her bro-country brethren or the classic hair metal those guys are wanly imitating. That this record peaks with "The House That Built Me" — possibly our young century's single best country song to date — is only the icing on a cake catapulted directly into your face. R.H.