50 Best Things We Saw at SXSW 2015

Fetty Wap’s one-song knockout, T-Pain’s triumphant comeback, Willie Nelson’s awesome tour bus and more

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Best Motivational Speaker: Big Sean
Kyle Dean Reinford48/50

Best Motivational Speaker: Big Sean

The Fader Fort's Friday lineup featured two unnamed guest sets directly following Migos, so everyone was shocked when Big Sean came out before Migos ever took the stage. The change-up, likely due to a last-minute scheduling issue, ended up making Big Sean's appearance an actual surprise. He opened with "Paradise" and went through hits like "All Your Fault" and "GangBang" (sadly, no appearance by Wiz Khalifa) and "I Don't Fuck With You" (awesomely, with an appearance by E-40) before telling the crowd to "make some noise if you're a dreamer."

"Whatever you do, get on your grind. It's motherfuckin' time to get it," he said, adding, "Make your family proud, take care of your family and be happy," before going right into "Blessings." It was apparently a good pep talk: The crowd went nuts.

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