50 Best Things We Saw at SXSW 2015

Fetty Wap’s one-song knockout, T-Pain’s triumphant comeback, Willie Nelson’s awesome tour bus and more

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Best Display of Perseverance: Run the Jewels

Best Display of Perseverance: Run the Jewels

When Run the Jewels performed "Banana Clipper" on Monday afternoon, a marauder crashed the stage and attacked the duo. "Last time we did this song it got interrupted," El-P told their the crowd at Stubb's, four days later. "It's not gonna get interrupted again." Killer Mike was even clearer: "If you interrupt this song, we're gonna beat the fuckin' shit out of you." No beatdowns were necessary then or later that night at their Cedar Street Courtyard gig, although the latter performance turned into one of the rowdiest of the festival. A handful of security guards were needed to reinforce the barricade that separated the pit from the rappers; the guards dodged an onslaught of bodies, drinks and keys. At one point, someone threw a gold watch onto the stage.

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