50 Best Albums of 2017

Taylor Swift clapped back, Kendrick Lamar got personal, Lorde threw a high-concept party and more

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Low Cut Connie, 'Dirty Pictures (Part One)'

47. Low Cut Connie, 'Dirty Pictures (Part One)'

These Philly rock & roll revivalists haven't lost any of their grit or oomph on album four, with Adam Weiner's pumpin' piano powering a solid take on Prince's "Controversy" and boogieing them past the "Death and Destruction" the singer claims he sees everywhere. They adorn their stripped-down bar-band essentials with gnarly guitar licks and unexpected lyrical twists, even including a protest song of sorts called "What Size Shoe." ("Ain't this the United States?/I got something to say.") Weiner's tales of dive bar existence sound so lived-in he may even be telling the truth when he sings "All my friends got herpes in Montreal/All my friends don't open their mouths at all." OK, maybe not all his friends. K.H.

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