50 Best Albums of 2017 So Far

Including Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Harry Styles, Roger Waters and more

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Fleet Foxes, 'Crack-Up'
Fleet Foxes, 'Crack-Up'21/50

Fleet Foxes, 'Crack-Up'

We Say: The folk-rock band's long-awaited latest sort of feels like Neil Young's Buffalo Springfield collage-dream opus "Broken Arrow" if it lasted a whole album. Their sound is still rooted in the lush, beardly harmonies and sky-bound strumming that made their first two LPs coffee-shop staples. But they've upped their prog ambitions – tracks wash together, song titles abound with opaque punctuation, and the sweeping melodies often wander into moody places, away from the safety of the campfire.

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