50 Best Albums of 2011

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Tune-Yards, 'Whokill'

13. Tune-Yards, 'Whokill'

The second album from Merrill Garbus is this year's most thrillingly weird record – a joyous, idea-stuffed album built on a stream of horns, loops, ukulele riffs and skeletal dance grooves, and powered by Garbus' bucking bronco of a voice, which can bounce from Odetta-style blues howl to Björk-ian flights of fancy. From the sweetly cooed refrain and waterfall vocalese of "Doorstep" to the churning Afropop groove on the riotous "Bizness," Whokill sharpens the hooks and deepens the soul of Tune-Yards' excellent 2009 debut, making Garbus' strange brew increasingly user-friendly.

Jody Rosen's Original Review: Tune-Yards' 'WhoKill'

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