50 Best Albums of 2011

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The Black Keys, 'El Camino'

12. The Black Keys, 'El Camino'

Shifting their blues-powered crossover into overdrive, the Keys regrouped with Danger Mouse, who co-wrote and co-produced, to pick up where the three left off on last year's monster "Tighten Up." It's the same tight focus, raw textures and relentless hooks that made Brothers great, but polished brighter and pimped-out finer. "Lonely Boy" rides a T. Rex shuffle, then cues the girl-group backup singers. "Dead and Gone" mates a ginormous Motown beat with silvery percussion and hand claps. It's what you'd expect from a couple of dudes weaned on Southern soul and modern hip-hop beats.


Will Hermes' Original Review: The Black Keys' 'El Camino'

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