50 Best Albums of 2011

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Beastie Boys, 'Hot Sauce Committee Pt. Two'

14. Beastie Boys, 'Hot Sauce Committee Pt. Two'

"We gonna party for the motherfuckin' right to fight," the Beasties declare in "Make Some Noise," throwing old-school boasts over garage-fidelity drums and rude-snort synthesizer. On the eighth studio album of their nearly three-decade-long career – their first with vocals since 2004 – Mike D, Ad Rock and MCA are proudly out of step with today's hip-hop, turning the dial back to the pre-gangsta era. (There's even a track named for Eighties street diva Lisa Lisa.) You hear the years in the raspy lower-register exclamations. But the unison chorales and highspeed exchanges fly by with vintage vigor.

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