45 Best Albums of 2014 So Far

The best rock, hip-hop, EDM and country of this year's first half

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Triptykon, 'Melana Chasmata'
Courtesy of Century Media Records.6/45

Triptykon, 'Melana Chasmata'

Three decades after Thomas Fischer helped lay extreme metal's foundation on Celtic Frost's 1984 LP Morbid Tales, he has again redefined what the genre can do on the second album by his dark-metal group Triptykon. He and his bandmates juxtapose doomy death-metal riffs with gothic guitar textures and ethereal female voices that could have been culled from the 4AD catalog. Between Triptykon's brutal pummel and animal growls lies a delicate, fragile core that might be too scary for other metal bands to fathom.

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