40 Saddest Country Songs of All Time

Cry, Cry, Cry: From George Jones to Brad Paisley, the biggest weepers ever

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21. Vern Gosdin, "Chiseled in Stone"

Within the weepy "Chiseled in Stone," the boundlessly forlorn Vern "The Voice" Gosdin goes straight for the heartstrings and yanks. Tinged with gospel harmony and a tad overstuffed production-wise, the 1989 Country Music Association Song of the Year details the aftermath of a lovers' quarrel, a.k.a. "another piece of heaven gone to hell." While Junior drinks his sorrows away, an elderly figure reminds him that he could have it a lot worse: "You don't know about sadness, 'til you face life alone/You don't know about lonely 'til it's chiseled in stone." In other words, buck up and figure it out — at least she's not dead.

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