40 Saddest Country Songs of All Time

Cry, Cry, Cry: From George Jones to Brad Paisley, the biggest weepers ever

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13. Lee Brice, "I Drive Your Truck"

At the dawn of the 21st century, country ballads are indistinguishable from power ballads, give or take some small-town signifiers — in this case, the Braves hat, the field, the truck, the attention to gas mileage. Inspired by the story of a father who kept his son's Dodge around after the son was killed in Afghanistan, "Truck" isn't just an exploration of the ways we try and maintain connection to people we've lost through what they left behind, but about men: how they're allowed to feel, how they aren't. "You'd probably punch my arm right now if you saw this tear rollin' down on my face," Brice sings. "Hey, man I'm tryin' to be tough." Given the chance to visit his son's grave, the father quietly opts out. The song is there to emote in ways he feels like he can't.

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