40 Greatest Emo Albums of All Time

C'mon get sad: the best of punk rock's moody younger sibling

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Weezer, 'Pinkerton' (1996)

14. Weezer, 'Pinkerton' (1996)

Weezer followed up their power-pop breakthrough with a brilliant sophomore LP that turned out to be one of the finest emo crossovers ever. Though the lyrics were occasionally controversial – see the opening lines of "El Scorcho" – the band went harder and heavier with the riffs, and the confessional songs dove into the psyche of a rock star struggling with sudden fame. Affected by the initially negative critiques of Pinkerton as well as the vulnerability of the subject matter, Rivers Cuomo deemed the LP an "embarrassment" in the early millennium. As both critics and fans have changed their opinions of the album over time, so has Cuomo. "It's super-deep, brave and authentic," he told Pitchfork in 2009. B.S.

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