40 Greatest Emo Albums of All Time

C'mon get sad: the best of punk rock's moody younger sibling

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Brand New, 'Your Favorite Weapon' (2001)

29. Brand New, 'Your Favorite Weapon' (2001)

Your Favorite Weapon is chock full of what everybody hates about emo: the elaborate murder fantasies, the let's-get-the-hell-outta-this-towns, the cacophony of whiny young men and their overblown contempt for young women. Frontman Jesse Lacey bemoans his girlfriend's indifference to the Smiths ("Mixtape") and her autonomous decision to travel the world without him ("Jude Law and a Semester Abroad"). Still, bad boys get the blues, and Brand New has a knack for crafting bubbly pop-punk anthems that speak to the darkest, most juvenile sides of ourselves. None can forget the legendary love triangle that spawned "Seventy Times 7," a scorching diss track against Taking Back Sunday's John Nolan. "I've seen more spine in jellyfish," spits Lacey, "I've seen more guts in 11-year-old kids!" The band's since written off their juvenile theatrics, but there's still something endearing about young punks feeling the fevered rush of both everything and nothing all at once. S.E.

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