40 Best Things We Saw at Lollapalooza 2015

From Paul McCartney, Metallica and Florence and the Machine to Puffs of Doom and LollaMinions

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Best Small-Stage Takeover: Zebra Katz
Alex Reside3/40

Best Small-Stage Takeover: Zebra Katz

Excuse me, Zebra fucking Katz, as the Brooklyn MC insisted he be called. Katz was wearing a bathrobe during soundcheck, but he arrived on the shaded BMI stage wearing a jumpsuit and an eye-patch, placing rosé on the DJ table and moving with a confidence that suggested the entire festival had been booked around him. He reeled in the crowd with a Trading Spouses–sampling introduction and quickly locked them in by removing his all-white jumpsuit to a reveal all-white overalls. The audience immediately doubled, so he won over the new batch with "Red River," an ode to champagne that culminated with the aforementioned rosé spraying over the photo pit. The excitement drew even more people, and they too became Zebra Katz fans when he taught them to chant along with his biggest record, bass-and-kick club hit "Ima Read."

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