40 Best Things We Saw at Lollapalooza 2014

Chicago turns up with Eminem, Outkast, Skrillex and some heavily costumed fans

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Best Time To Puke: Iggy Azalea
Alex Reside35/40

Best Time To Puke: Iggy Azalea

Perry's, the stage where big names in EDM are usually hosted throughout Lolla weekend, has gained a reputation for making "turn down for what?" a lifestyle and not a choice. The side stage on the park's south side is usually filled with neon tank wearing bros and underbutt for days beneath the strobe lights, smoke machines, and bass drops. The stage and its space are also relatively small and mostly made for very sweaty and packed dancing (where you are likely to come into accidental contact with one too many of the sweat-drenched and aforementioned neon tanks and underbutts). The placing of Iggy Azalea's set at Perry's was a little poorly planned, especially given that — whether you love her or hate her — she is responsible for two contenders for Song of the Summer. By the time she came around on Friday afternoon, Perry's was twice as packed as usual with an especially young audience that seemed fairly unprepared for the type of squish that would happen if they dared to even get to the halfway mark of the audience space. Only a half hour into her set there large numbers of stumbling fans being carried off by friends and the sight of multiple people puking in whatever open corners of the space they could find.


Azalea herself did not have the benefit of a Jumbotron for the majority of the audience to see her with and was swallowed by the stage. Even with all the controversy, she's not the most compelling performer and sort of tossed out her songs for the audience to consume without much exuberance about it. At the end, she gave the crowd what they wanted and, after the most showmanship of her set with the miming of a scene from Clueless, Azalea revved up "Fancy" for a sing-along that continued as the masses tried to flee the area to get to their next set.

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