40 Best Things We Saw at Lollapalooza 2014

Chicago turns up with Eminem, Outkast, Skrillex and some heavily costumed fans

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Best Rock Star Moment: Benjamin Booker
Alex Reside29/40

Best Rock Star Moment: Benjamin Booker

The young, New Orleans based singer and guitar slinger has found a curiously cool cross between indie rock distortion, grunge mumble and classic blues-rock that is best experienced live and turned up to 11. Though Lollapalooza is always filled with countless rock acts, Booker may have been the strongest and most refreshing with his early afternoon set on Saturday. Highlights included a shredding version of the punky "Violent Shiver" as well as number of tunes that have yet to even be released, but all was set aflame by the ceremonious smashing of his guitar at the end of his set. As soon as he played his last note, Booker took his instrument and furiously whacked it against the stage a few times before tossing the neck into the audience, pushing his mic stand down, and walking off stage as the crowd cheered as if they were filling a stadium just for him.

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