40 Best Things We Saw at Lollapalooza 2014

Chicago turns up with Eminem, Outkast, Skrillex and some heavily costumed fans

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Best Bad Trip: Jenny Lewis
Drew Reynolds23/40

Best Bad Trip: Jenny Lewis

Not since "Sloop John B" has a vacation gone this awry. Jenny Lewis made her Lollapalooza entrance great form, pacing the stage with far more assertive energy than a woman in that much pastel can usually convey. She kicked off with a country-fried take on "Just One of the Guys," the lead single from her new solo album The Voyager, and hit a delightful (if schadenfreude-heavy) emotional apex with "Aloha & the Three Johns." In it, she grinningly detailed a train-wreck tropical excursion, replete with a stranger getting an al fresco hand job, her boyfriend smashing a television, her awkwardly demanding an engagement and everyone generally praying for death. Her Lolla set, thankfully, was miles more fun.

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