40 Best Things We Saw at Lollapalooza 2014

Chicago turns up with Eminem, Outkast, Skrillex and some heavily costumed fans

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Best Bad Girl: Meg Myers
Alex Reside14/40

Best Bad Girl: Meg Myers

Myers has had some minor success (the corny "Monster," the explicit "Desire") in the last two years with videos that present her as more unhinged Fiona Apple — which is not a necessarily a bad look. Myers' career seems like it stands a chance if only she (or, perhaps, her label?) could figure out what kind of artist she is going to be beyond a jumble of bad-girl clichés. However, Myers has a tremendously powerful voice that most immediately recalls Evanescence's Amy Lee, and much like Lee, you have to wonder what Myers is doing with this band. In Myers' case, she's in a sometimes-pop, sometimes metal-ballads band with an electric cello. With an occasional EDM-lite drop in the chorus. And Myers playing an acoustic guitar and singing sweetly, nervously tugging down her crop top and swimsuit bottoms. And then closing the set like she's auditioning for a screamo band, flinging her body around in a way that make's Lorde's stage moves look like that of a sedated Tai Chi master. Get thee to a proper metal band, Meg Myers!


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