40 Best Rap Albums of 2015

Ambitious LPs, masterful mixtapes and more

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Milo, 'So The Flies Don't Come'

26. Milo, 'So The Flies Don't Come'

Over muted washes of instrumentation by Kenny Segal, the slippery, wordy, motormouth flow of this California-via-Wisconsin art-rapper doesn't come across as showy; instead, he simply seems like someone searching for life's answers everywhere he possibly can, from Busdriver to the Hagakure (which Future Islands' Samuel T. Herring, under his rap alias Hemlock Ernst, asks to borrow). Sometimes Milo's quest can seems futile, like when he offhandedly recalls how Darrien Hunt was shot by police while cosplaying as a Samurai Champloo character. But it is also tough to think of a better skill Milo inherited from Busdriver than to patiently work through his own anxieties: Noble hawk-eye, but mumble like I'm pea-brained/Usually identified by the ghee stain/Moved to California just to mispronounce the weed strains." C.L.

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