40 Best Rap Albums of 2014

From Young Thugs to Old Droogs, Rich Gangs to broke MCs with expensive taste — the year's best in rhymes

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YG, 'My Krazy Life'

2. YG, 'My Krazy Life'

Released in March, YG's major label debut has been accepted as one of 2014's great rap albums for so long that it's easy to overlook how unlikely the whole thing is: a previously middling one-hit wonder (see 2010's "Toot It and Boot It") putting out a deep, emotionally rich, narrative-heavy, unstoppably bouncing album that sits comfortably next to the Cali classics he emulates. It's easy to pin it all on DJ Mustard, executive producer and undisputed beatmaker of the year. But, in reality, YG pulls off the album's concept — which traces a day in the life of a Compton gangster — by himself and with aplomb, each song building on the narrative but also standing out on its own. YG is a wildly illustrative MC, as adept at sketching out a home robbery as he is navigating the album's R&B section. In a redemptive year for West Coast rap, My Krazy Life was the crown jewel. J.S.

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