40 Best Rap Albums of 2014

From Young Thugs to Old Droogs, Rich Gangs to broke MCs with expensive taste — the year's best in rhymes

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DJ Mustard, '10 Summers'

8. DJ Mustard, '10 Summers'

L.A. producer DJ Mustard has been producing hit after hit all year with tracks that wobble in the hard-to-work middle ground between hip-hop, R&B and EDM — and make their point with all the subtlety of a slam-dunk. On 10 Summers his blurping synth squirts get yoked to a whirring G-funk smoothness that recalls classic Dre (see the Eazy-E homage amidst the vintage West Coast peacocking of "Ghetto Tales"). Mustard amasses a ton of starpower, including Rick Ross, YG, Lil Wayne and Big Sean without cluttering up the album's bright, laidback mood. J.D.

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