40 Albums Baby Boomers Loved That Millennials Don't Know

From Tina Turner to Eric Clapton, these LPs were beloved by millions, but are younger generations finding them?

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ZZ Top, 'Deguello' (1979)
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records9/40

ZZ Top, 'Deguello' (1979)

Just before Billy Gibbons (vocals/guitars), Dusty Hill (bass/vocals) and Frank Beard (drums) successfully integrated synthesizers into their formula, 1979's Deguello further nudged Texas' proudest boogie-blues outfit into the big time. Gibbons' bedrock riff and sneaky vocal melody on iconic single "Cheap Sunglasses" still loom large on a modern FM soundscape shaped in part by indebted groups like the Black Keys, while the warped "Manic Mechanic"underscores their importance to future genre-manipulating misfits (and avowed ZZ Top acolytes) such as Ministry's Al Jourgensen. But 1983's Eliminator's willfully gimmicky string of videos forever colored the band's image, leaving some with the misconception that Gibbons, Hill and Beard are mere goofballs, thus sadly resigning the essential Deguello and its preceding LPs to relative under-appreciation. 

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