40 Albums Baby Boomers Loved That Millennials Don't Know

From Tina Turner to Eric Clapton, these LPs were beloved by millions, but are younger generations finding them?

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Supertramp, 'Breakfast in America' (1979)
Courtesy of A&M Records10/40

Supertramp, 'Breakfast in America' (1979)

Barring The Dark Side of the Moon, Supertramp's 1979 opus Breakfast in America is arguably the most popular art-rock album of all-time, having sold a reported 20 million copies worldwide, buoyed by the hit singles "The Logical Song," "Goodbye Stranger" and "Take the Long Way Home." Ever since Radiohead abandoned any pretense of mass appeal, art-rock hasn't really existed on any kind of pop scale. As invigorating as they can be, the likes of Muse aren't trying to match 'Tramp co-leaders Rick Davies (the gruff vocalist) or Roger Hodgson's (the Geddy Lee-sounding high-pitched vocalist) semi-snide interest in pop melodies, though Tame Impala's Kevin Parker has name-checked the English band as an influence.

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