40 Albums Baby Boomers Loved That Millennials Don't Know

From Tina Turner to Eric Clapton, these LPs were beloved by millions, but are younger generations finding them?

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Humble Pie, 'Smokin'' (1972)
Courtesy of A&M Records28/40

Humble Pie, 'Smokin'' (1972)

Hard boogieing and bluesily bombastic, Humble Pie are the kind of band that could've been a model for Almost Famous's Stillwater. Building on the success of the live Performance: Rockin' the Fillmore, Smokin' (1972) was clearly a key influence on the likes of latter-day Paul Weller and any-day the Black Crowes, but even those guys are legacy acts now. The sound of a rock band just straight-up wailing, as Steve Marriott — perhaps the great underappreciated lead singer — and the boys do all over "30 Days in the Hole" and "Hot 'n' Nasty," is increasingly rare, and when younger people go looking for that sound, they're far likelier to seek out the Rolling Stones and the Faces before finding a great second-tier band like Humble Pie. 

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