40 Albums Baby Boomers Loved That Millennials Don't Know

From Tina Turner to Eric Clapton, these LPs were beloved by millions, but are younger generations finding them?

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Blue Oyster Cult, 'Agents of Fortune' (1976)
Courtesy of Columbia Records19/40

Blue Oyster Cult, 'Agents of Fortune' (1976)

Long before metal splintered into a myriad of genres, BÖC came to fame for its ability to appeal to both head-bangers and chin-strokers. Featuring the deathless hit single "(Don't Fear) The Reaper," as well as contributions from punk priestess Patti Smith, the hooky, sinister Agents of Fortune was the apex of the quintet's commercial success, hitting the top 30 on the Billboard Top 200 and solidifying the band as a major concert draw. These days, metal rarely nods to the gleaming pop accessibility, and the music's brainier strands tend toward arty obfuscation, leaving this band stranded in a no-man's land between potential new fanbases — too slick for aesthetes, too weird for everyone else. 

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