30 Best Albums of 2010

Kanye's 'Fantasy' conquered reality; the Black Keys locked into a groove; Arcade Fire burned down the suburbs

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Superchunk, 'Majesty Shredding'

25. Superchunk, 'Majesty Shredding'


The Chapel Hill punk lifers helped jumpstart the indie revolution of the Nineties, but unlike most of their peers, they didn't burn out or get cynical — they just waited until they had a great album's worth of songs. Their first album in nine years matches their 1994 classic Foolish, full of frantic pogo-along energy and Mac McCaughan's Fogerty-style wiseass wisdom. It's a lesson in musical and emotional commitment — knowing what you do, knowing the people you do it for, and then doing it to death. Long may they 'chunk.


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