30 Best Albums of 2010

Kanye's 'Fantasy' conquered reality; the Black Keys locked into a groove; Arcade Fire burned down the suburbs

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Peter Wolf, 'Midnight Souvenirs'

27. Peter Wolf, 'Midnight Souvenirs'


The first album in eight years from the J. Geils Band singer proves nothing can kill Wolf's charm, musicality and youthfulness. Wolf is the passionate impresario of his own musical world, sharing his love of classic country, soul and R&B with anyone who cares to listen. His enthusiasm is contagious on a series of duets: "The Green Fields of Summer" is a striking acoustic song where Wolf and Neko Case exude stark, autumnal beauty, and "It's Too Late for Me," is a lighthearted country lullaby about growing old that could have been written in 1955, with Wolf and Merle Haggard sounding like old running buddies quietly congratulating themselves for outracing the sunrise yet again.

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