3 Great Rock Books to Read This Month

From the true story to story of Los Angeles punk scene to great music rivalries, don't miss these non-fiction reads

Partying With the Rolling Stones

Partying With the Rolling Stones

Growing up in the Eighties, Rich Cohen was obsessed with the Rolling Stones. "It's my Hemingway, Dickens, Homer," he writes. So he jumped at the chance, as a 26-year-old freelancer for Rolling Stone, to spend two weeks with the band as it launched 1994's Voodoo Lounge tour. Cohen was with the Stones on several later tours as well, first as a writer for RS, then as Mick Jagger's screenwriting partner on a project that eventually became HBO's Vinyl. Cohen's new book, The Sun & the Moon & the Rolling Stones, draws on those experiences while providing a fresh take on dusty topics like Altamont and the Stones' relationship with the Beatles (who, it seems, understood the Stones before the Stones did, which was partly why Lennon and McCartney wrote their first big hit). Cohen takes pilgrimages to places like Nellcôte, the French mansion where the Stones made Exile on Main Street, and recounts fascinating moments from his time on tour: He sees Jagger debate with his publicist if he should have his photo taken with Steven Tyler, and parties with Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Steve Winwood in a Four Seasons hotel. "I'd always sensed there were people somewhere having more fun than me," Cohen writes. "I'd always believed there was a better party. And I'd found it!" –Patrick Doyle

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