25 Essential LGBTQ Pride Songs

From Sylvester to Perfume Genius to everyone in between, editors pick the most evocative, transformative songs

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Limp Wrist, "I Love Hardcore Boys/I Love Boys Hardcore" (2001)

Leathered up and lathered in each others' sweat, American hardcore band Limp Wrist were at the forefront of the Queercore movement in the late Nineties. As both devoutly straight edge and proudly homosexual, their substance-free stance made them stand out in a time when bars, clubs and other intoxicating spaces comprised the few safe havens for LGBTQ people. Their 2001 song "I Love Hardcore Boys/I Love Boys Hardcore" was an especially cheeky, cathartic release for frontman Martin Sorrondeguy, who came out in the later years of his tenure in Latinx punk band Los Crudos. "I would have never come out in the Eighties," Sorrondeguy once professed to The Portland Mercury. "I recall spotting a few folks who were queer in those times and I was nervous for them. There were many violent folks around at the time so it was a bit scary. When I came to the point where I was actively gay it took a bit of time to get comfortable and come out but I felt ready for whatever came my way." –SE

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