25 Best Things We Saw at Bonnaroo 2016

Pearl Jam, Dead & Company, multiple Prince tributes and some Trump bashing made the music festival memorable

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Best Jazz Ambassador: Kamasi Washington
Alysse Gafkjen for Rolling Stone10/25

Best Jazz Ambassador: Kamasi Washington

Kamasi Washington staged perhaps Bonnaroo's most high profile jazz set since free jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman collapsed mid-set due to heat stroke in 2007. The critically acclaimed saxophonist squeezed his three-hour powerhouse The Epic into a truncated behemoth during his Friday afternoon set. With the crowd on the verge of melting in heat that pushed 99 degrees, the Los Angeles jazz wunderkind presented a swirling, transcendental hourlong performance that featured the Epic material augmented by new music from upright bassist Miles Mosley, extended solos by keyboardist/keytarist Brendan Coleman and Washington's music teacher father Rickey Washington, a "conversation" between percussionists Tony Austin and Ronald Bruner Jr. and a symposium in scratching by L.A. legend DJ Battlecat.

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