25 Best Country Songs of 2014

Little Big Town's shocker, Keith Urban's rocker and more of the songs stuck in our heads this year

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10. Maddie and Tae, "Girl in a Country Song"

It's one thing to write a song with something to say (in this case, skewering the trend of bro-country) — it's another to craft one so infinitely catchy that even those aforementioned bros can't help but sing along. Poking fun at some of the genre's biggest names is a pretty brazen way to enter onto the scene, sure, but the teenage duo of Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye don't seem too concerned (and neither does country radio, which they currently reign over). Instead, they laced together a perfect retort to those who like their ladies wielding bikinis, not guitars — and they do it with the energy of a classic barnburner, a dose of down-home twang and the fiery, fearless angst of youthful pop. "We ain't a cliché," they sing, hopefully on the road to being just as prevalent as the stereotypes they battle.

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