25 Best Country Songs of 2014

Little Big Town's shocker, Keith Urban's rocker and more of the songs stuck in our heads this year

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24. Brothers Osborne, "Rum"

On their first major single, these brothers from Maryland prove that sitting on the dock of the bay is just as country as any pastime in Tennessee — they just favor a little Old Bay over sweet tea. Though its title might indicate a Jimmy Buffett-esque ode to tipsy tropical getaways, one listen proves that this song is anything but: It's an ode to a place where truck beds filled with water replace infinity pools, and rum's served out of plastic cups with no decorative umbrellas in sight. Set to a swampy washboard beat, it's not bemoaning the lack of glamour in a down-home existence — it's about finding the joy in the small things. "Paradise is hiding right here," sings TJ Osborne as his brother John fires bluesy licks, and, with a melody like that, it's easy to believe they really mean it.

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