24 Most Anticipated Rap Albums For the Rest of 2017

Jay Z, Eminem, Nicki Minaj and more LPs that may drop before 2018

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Schoolboy Q
Bryan Sheffield/Redux13/24

Schoolboy Q

Album: TBA
Release Date: TBA
During a 2016 Apple Music interview for his last album, Blank Face, which debuted at Number Two on the Billboard charts, Schoolboy Q declared that he was already "halfway done" recording the follow-up. He added, "I never gave you the other side – the father, the dude that's actually happy, the dude that doesn't be in the hood just hanging out." Beyond that, not much is known about his potential fifth album, though he continues to hint that it may drop before year's end. Potential guests might include Anderson Paak, with whom he reportedly recorded with. "Only six months left N da year…it a come befo den," he tweeted cryptically.

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