2018 Music Forecast: 9 Trends and Artists to Watch

From Kanye's comeback to the new crop of boy bands and the death of ticket bots

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The Next Wave of Boy Bands
PrettyMuch Nev Todorovic2/9

The Next Wave of Boy Bands

After One Direction split in 2016, the race was on to find the next heartthrob crew. Simon Cowell has assembled PrettyMuch (pictured), whose dancing and harmonies recall an updated Boyz II Men. Lorde and Khalid both tweeted their approval, and their label has set them up with 1D's producer, Savan Kotecha, and is planning a "turbocharged" 2018 campaign. They have competition: Why Don't We, who signed to Atlantic, released five EPs in the past year and amassed 2 million Instagram followers. "They're talented beyond belief," says co-manager Randy Phillips. Adds Steve Greenberg, who discovered Hanson and the Jonas Brothers, "There's always space for a new boy band." 

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