54 Most Anticipated Albums of 2018

New music from Justin Timberlake, Jack White and Cardi B, and other records we can't wait to hear

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Fall Out Boy
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Fall Out Boy

Album: Mania
Release Date: January 19th
The pop-rock hybridists pushed back the release date for their seventh album over the summer, after feeling dissatisfied with what they'd recorded so far: "I was like, 'I don't think this is something the four of us will like; I don't think it's something the label is going to like,'" frontman Patrick Stump told Rolling Stone. "'It doesn't sound like Fall Out Boy. Oh, God, I can't turn this in.'" The band went back to the drawing board (and embarked on an arena tour, which included a few Jingle Ball dates) and reworked the album, which they've previewed with singles like the galloping "Hold Me Tight or Don't" and the swaggering "The Last of the Real Ones." "Do I need another hit in my life? I don't really care," said Stump. "The only reason to put out a record is if it's really great. And once you are past the radio-hit stage of your career, that becomes even more important."

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