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54 Most Anticipated Albums of 2018

New music from Justin Timberlake, Jack White and Cardi B, and other records we can't wait to hear

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Andrew W.K.
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Andrew W.K.

Album: You're Not Alone
Release Date: March 2nd
The thrasher-turned-motivational-speaker's first rock album in almost 12 years has a dayglo-paint-worthy cover (painted by renowned fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell) and a tracklist that hints at an inspirational song cycle of sorts – "Music Is Worth Living For," "Keep On Going," "Total Freedom," and so on. "I'm going for the sound of pure, unadulterated power," he said in a September statement. "Every emotion, every thought, every experience, every sensation, every fear, every joy, every clarity, every confusion, every up, every down … all extruded and concentrated into one thick syrup of super life-force feeling, and then psychically amplified by the celebratory spirit of glorious partying."

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