2015's Hottest Dance Crazes: The Dab, Hit the Quan and Beyond

Jamaica Craft and Sione Kelepi break down the year's essential Vine-friendly moves

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The Dab
Todd Detwiler3/4

The Dab

Difficulty: 1/5 stars

Origins: First seen in Atlanta rapper Skippa da Flippa's 2014 video "How Fast Can You Count It," the Dab caught fire in the following months as MCs such as Migos, Peewee Longway and Future — not to mention countless Viners — posted their variations of the dance.

How to: Make a bowing motion as you lower your head into a bended arm, like you're literally dabbing sweat off your face. "I don't think it's as creative as the other dances," says Kelepi.

Best Time to Use It: Craft: "It's great with any song!!!"

Best Celebrity Rendition: LeBron James, before a scrimmage in early October, followed by NBA players everywhere.

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