2015: The Year in Pop Comebacks

From Missy Elliott and Will Smith to Sleater-Kinney and New Order, here are 10 acts that made splashy returns after long absences

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Jacob Blickenstaff/The NY Times/Redux9/10


Members of Blur have been keeping busy on their own — especially Damon Albarn, between Gorillaz, a solo record and an Alice in Wonderland–inspired musical. But this year, for the first time in 12 years, the Britpop faves managed to regroup for a new studio album, their eighth. The texture of April's The Magic Whip leaned more towards the electronic end of the spectrum than Blur's classic work, which was firmly rooted in guitar rock. But the band made sure to reunite with producer Stephen Street, who sat behind the boards for all of its Nineties high points.

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