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Tool's Follow-Up to '10,000 Days' (TBD)
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Tool's Follow-Up to '10,000 Days' (TBD)

Fans have been waiting for nine years – or roughly a third of "10,000 days" – for a new Tool album, an unusually long gap even for a band that has only released four full-lengths over its 25-year existence. In a July interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist Adam Jones and drummer Danny Carey revealed that a multi-tiered lawsuit against the prog-leaning alt-metal group has played a major role in delaying its fifth album; while the band members whetted die-hards' appetites by dropping words like "heavy," gnarly" and "nose-bleeding" when describing a new song, they also cautioned that writing was still in the incipient stages. This all appeared to change in October when Jones posted a photo of the band in the studio on Instagram —including vocalist Maynard James Keenan, who historically doesn't join the process until it's well along its way. B.G.

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