2015 Preview: 68 Reasons This Year Will Rule

The smash albums, blockbuster movies and water-cooler TV shows to watch out for over the next 12 months

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Lana Del Rey, Endless Summer Tour (Starts May 7th)
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Lana Del Rey, Endless Summer Tour (Starts May 7th)

Lana Del Rey’s Endless Summer shows would be some of the hottest of the year even if eight dates of the West Coast leg didn’t feature a sure-to-be incendiary opening set from grunge firebrand Courtney Love. The two musicians became besties after Del Rey covered Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box," and Love dropped some trivia on the brooding pop star. "You do know the song is about my vagina right?" she tweeted. "Next time you sing it, think about my vagina will you?" Expect a duet. A.B.

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