20 Wildest Iggy Pop Moments

The self-destructive legacy of the infamous Stooge

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Iggy Pukes, Puts His Penis on an Amp (August 1970)
Leee Black Childers/Redferns/Getty6/20

Iggy Pukes, Puts His Penis on an Amp (August 1970)

"He went to sing and he just pukes all over," Alan Vega recalls in Legs McNeill's Please Kill Me. "Miles Davis loved it." Later, during that same legend-establishing set at the New York club Ungano's, Iggy hauled out his sizable penis and let it rest on top of an amplifier. And, in perhaps his weirdest bit of stage theater, he grabbed the face of Geri Miller, one of Andy Warhol's superstars, and dragged her and her metal folding chair across the floor. At an Electric Circus show in New York the following year, recalling Iggy's prodigious vomiting skills, Miller goaded him: "Let's see you puke." Without hesitating, Iggy spewed all over her.

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