20 Wildest Iggy Pop Moments

The self-destructive legacy of the infamous Stooge

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Iggy Auditions for Clive Davis (Fall 1971)
Virginia Turbett/Redferns/Getty7/20

Iggy Auditions for Clive Davis (Fall 1971)

After Tony Defries, David Bowie's manager, took Iggy on as a client, he got the singer out of the Stooges' contract with Elektra. The plan was to win over Columbia's Clive Davis at a meeting in his office. As Iggy remembers it, Davis asked if he would sing Simon and Garfunkel. Iggy said no. Davis then asked if the singer would be more melodic. Again, no dice. "Will you do what anyone asks you to?" an exasperated Davis wondered. "No I won't," Iggy declared. "But I can sing. Wanna hear?" And with that he leapt up on the exec's desk and winningly belted out "The Shadow of Your Smile," the Johnny Mandel pop tune that had been a hit for Tony Bennett. That, weirdly enough, sealed the deal for the proto-punk charmer.

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