20 Weird and Wild Grammy Collaborations

Paul McCartney singing with Linkin Park and 19 more mash-ups from music's biggest night

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Linkin Park feat. Jay Z and Paul McCartney, "Numb/Encore/Yesterday" (2006)

The 2004 album Collision Course commemorated the coming together of rap-rockers Linkin Park and rock-interested rapper Jay Z – both near the height of their powers – as well as the solidification of "mash-up culture" in the music-business firmament. A little over a year after that album came out, the Grammys decided to get in on the action, too; the 2006 ceremony featured cross-genre pairings from all over the map. The biggest pairing, torch-passing wise, was definitely Paul McCartney's blessing of the Jay/LP track "Numb/Encore" with a few lines from the Beatles' much-beloved "Yesterday."

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