20 Terrible Debut Albums by Great Artists

David Bowie, Billy Joel and 18 more iconic artists who made a bad first impression

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George Harrison, 'Wonderwall Music' (1968)

George Harrison, 'Wonderwall Music' (1968)

The first release on Apple Records – and the first solo musical recording ever released by a Beatle – was an earnest expression of George Harrison's genuine interest in classical Indian music. Nonetheless, it reduced a complex tradition to a collection of hip background sounds. Wonderwall Music may be more memorable than the Jane Birkin flick it soundtracked, but it's still a soundtrack, music meant to accompany and complement a film rather than stand on its own. The best thing you can say about Wonderwall Music is that it's probably more historically significant than the LP of experimental twaddle John Lennon released a month later – after all, Oasis never wrote a hit song called "Two Virgins." Keith Harris

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