20 Obscure But Awesome Willie Nelson Tracks

From a Bob Dylan co-write to a polka, 20 songs by the Red Headed Stranger you may not have heard

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"Hands on the Wheel" (1975)

With his behind-the-beat phrasing, Nelson has never been considered a traditional vocalist, but his performance of this cinematic Red Headed Stranger track, penned by Bill Callery, is without peer. Nelson reaches and holds notes that grab you by the denim collar and don't let go — a case can be made for the line "there's deceivers, and believers and old in-betweeners" being one of Nelson's all-time best vocal runs. The song also appeared on the soundtrack to 1979's The Electric Horseman — which costarred Nelson in his first movie role — playing over the closing credits as Robert Redford's restless cowboy Sonny Steele walks off with no particular place to go.

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