20 Obscure But Awesome Willie Nelson Tracks

From a Bob Dylan co-write to a polka, 20 songs by the Red Headed Stranger you may not have heard

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"Devil in a Sleepin' Bag" (1973)

Arguably the funkiest Willie has ever been, "Devil in a Sleepin' Bag," from 1973's Shotgun Willie, slinks along like a snake covered in motor oil. A recount of a tour gone bad — the band gets pneumonia, the bus loses a wheel — the song name-checks Nelson's then-wife Connie Koepke and Kris Kristofferson and his wife Rita Coolidge, giving the lyrics a decidedly autobiographical slant. But that titular devil isn't Ol' Willie. It's Nelson's nickname for his long-time consigliere and drummer, the intimidating Paul English, who with his Van Dyke beard and long sideburns looked the part of Beelzebub. Check out the cover to 1971's Willie Nelson & Family, with English sporting a dashing yet devilish red cape.

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