20 Insanely Great Radiohead Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

Revisit key deep cuts, B-sides and live-only gems that could end up on group's ninth LP

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"These Are My Twisted Words" (2009)

For a band that is constantly innovating how they deliver their music — In Rainbows' surprise pay-what-you-want release, the BitTorrent distribution of Thom Yorke's Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, the SoundCloud drop of "Spectre" — the arrival of "These Are My Twisted Words" is still the most curious in Radiohead's discography.

Coming 22 months after In Rainbows, "These Are My Twisted Words" first appeared on August 12th, 2009, without explanation on file-sharing site What.cd, with the MP3 accompanied by an info file boasting an ASCII picture warning of a "Wall of Ice" arriving August 17th.

Five days later, the winding, krautrock-inspired track was formally released as a free download through the band's official website. The track never received a physical release — although Stanley Donwood–created artwork was included in the file for fans to print out — but "These Are My Twisted Words" continues to have a live presence, popping up frequently during the band's The King of Limbs tour. D.K.

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